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  • Hu Danhong, General Manager of Wuhu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. interviewed by CMIIC2018


    On October 16, 2018, it was exclusively named by Zhongwei Zhuote Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Hengyida Precision Casting Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yuanfengda Hydraulic Co., Ltd., Chevron (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Xinguangming Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Shandong Yunyu Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Ford State Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. strongly support, Hunan Province Changsha Municipal People's Government strategic support, China Construction Machinery Industry Association and National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center joint guidance, HC Engineering Machinery The Zhongwei Zhuote Hydraulic CMIIC2018 Construction Machinery Industry Internet Conference and Brand Event, jointly hosted by Net and Huyue Xiu, was held in Beijing Diaoyutai with the theme of “Intelligently Leading the Future and Building a Beautiful New Era”.

    As a member of China's major construction machinery group and supporting partners, Wuhu Shengli has won the unique award of engineering machinery parts of CMIIC2018 brand event with its excellent product quality, excellent market reputation and many research and development achievements. Wuhu Shengli Ms. Hu Danhong, the manager of the award-winning company, accepted an on-site interview with a reporter from HC Engineering Machinery. It is reported that Hu has participated in the CMIIC brand event many times and has a high evaluation of the conference. Mr. Hu believes that the CMIIC conference can open up the vision and insight of the company at multiple levels and in many aspects, and thus learn a lot from excellent companies. The annual event is an extremely rich spiritual feast, especially the theme of “Intelligently Leading the Future, Building a Beautiful New Era”, and standing at a new height, helping the healthy and rapid development of the construction machinery industry to point the way.

        In this year's unique awards, hundreds of companies participated in the selection. The products of Wuhu Shengli can stand out in the fierce competition and win the honor. It also shows the uniqueness of Shengli in production technology, process and performance. In the interview, Mr. Hu introduced to us that during the 60 years of ups and downs, the achievements of Wuhu Shengli mainly depended on the spirit of solidarity and the spirit of unity in the market. . For a long time, Wuhu Shengli has adhered to the spirit of craftsmanship in product manufacturing. Shengli people adhere to the enterprise spirit of “unity, struggle, innovation and development”, with the core competitiveness of “products, strategic spirit, craftsmanship and new development”. Create first-class technology, products and services for customers. The results show everything, and many years of hard work have made Wuhu a strong honor. At present, Wuhu Shengli Company has 60 effective patents, including 30 invention patents, 1 copyright, 2 local standards presided over and revised, and the independent brand “Anhu” has won the title of China Famous Trademark.

        In the past two years, the construction machinery industry has warmed up. In this regard, Mr. Hu of Wuhu Shengli also deeply felt. Mr. Hu said that enterprises are part of the micro-economy. From January to August of 2018, Wuhu Shengli's sales increased by 15% from January to August, and the overall business situation was stable and optimistic. There are many factors influencing this, including market, environmental protection, policy, and leadership of industry associations. At the same time, along with the development of the National Belt and Road, Wuhu Shengli has always penetrated the main line of technological innovation and product innovation, fully understanding and analyzing new market changes and new tasks, seizing new opportunities, creating new advantages, and constantly adjusting product structure. Continuously upgrade products and achieve leapfrogging and development in new fields.

        Dreaming for the horse, not to bear the Hua. Facing the future, Wuhu Shengli will actively respond to new changes in the market environment and focus on product structure adjustment and process innovation, focusing on the principle of “improving quality and efficiency, transforming technology innovation, optimizing process cost reduction, and fine management of mobilization”. Work hard to create new intelligent and integrated solutions. Create more competitive products for customers while creating value for society.