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  • company culture:

    The corporate culture centered on "pragmatic, enterprising, trustworthy, efficient, and win-win" fully reflects the cultural characteristics of "humanity, care, responsibility, innovation"; and further enhances the cultural soft power and core of Shengli Brake Competitiveness.

    “Shengli People” is full of opportunities and challenges on the road of development and progress. Facing economic globalization, it will follow the development pace of the national machinery industry, objectively self-positioning, and lead the development direction of the enterprise with a scientific development concept. We will further strengthen innovation, restructuring and management, and cultivate well-known brands with independent intellectual property rights. Promoting product development with technological innovation, accelerating scale development with brand effect, correctly grasping the environment and general trend of economic development, will further strengthen product research and development, enhance technological innovation capabilities, and achieve sustainable, healthy and rapid development of Shengli enterprises.

    development path:

    Wuhu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Wuhu Automobile Brake Valve Factory, which was founded in 1952.

    Production of automotive brake components began in 1970.

    In 2002, through the transformation of the system, the establishment of Wuhu Shengli Brake Co., Ltd., the realization of the transformation of the operating mechanism.

    In January 2012, the company completed the transformation of the shareholding system and changed its name to Wuhu Shengli Technology Co., Ltd.

    In January 2014, it became the first batch of companies listed in the New Third Board in Wuhu City. Stock code: 430477