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    We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production and service of brake system control components for automotive and engineering machinery. Registered capital of 32 million yuan, listed in the "New Third Board" in January 2014, securities abbreviation: Shengli Technology; stock code: 430477. The company has more than 322 employees. The company is located in Wuhu High-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of 150 mu. It has an annual production capacity of 5 million automobile and engineering machinery brake components.

    The company's products include two parts: automobile brake and engineering machinery brake. It is divided into scraping, lifting, pavement engineering machinery series brake components, as well as heavy-duty, medium-sized commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, large and medium-sized commercial buses. Dynamic components, etc., the products are mainly divided into air brake system components, air (vacuum) power brake system components, hydraulic brake system components three categories, more than 10 series more than 400 varieties. It mainly undertakes the supporting tasks of domestic large-scale automobile and engineering machinery manufacturing plants. Among them, the domestic market share of engineering machinery products has always been leading, air-energized pumps have become the first brand in China, and the market share is the first, and the pneumatic control system and pressure regulating system are leading in the domestic market.

    The company has been rated as “National Top 100 Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers” and has been awarded “Excellent Brake and Steering System Supplier” and “China Construction Machinery Brake System Most Influential Brand” and “Anhu” Brand Brake Components China Construction Machinery Parts Industry was rated as User Satisfaction Brand. “Anhu brand SLKJ relay air booster” was rated as “Top Ten Scraper Machinery Supporting Products” by the industry, and “Anhu” trademark was recognized as China Famous Brand. In October 2018, Anhu brand brake components won the unique award of engineering machinery accessories industry.

    In recent years, the company has insisted on technological innovation and development, increased investment in research and development, focused on building the R&D platform's ability level and speeding up new product development. The company has a provincial-level technical center, Anhui Engineering Machinery Brake System Engineering Technology Research Center, and is a joint demonstration enterprise of production, education and research in Anhui Province. Through independent innovation, the company has achieved fruitful results. The company now has 32 invention patents, “980S” afterburner pump won the second prize of ministerial level scientific and technological progress, “STR” brake series products won the second prize of provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress; “980S” and “XM60” afterburner pump "New air brake valve" and "new internal breathing air booster pump" have been listed as national key new products; "XM50E (60B) detachable parking brake chamber", "HFC (ZK) The new heavy-duty brake system and the heavy-duty high-performance brake components of the heavy-duty trucks are listed as the National Torch Program and the National Science and Technology SME Innovation Fund Project and key projects; “Port Machinery Emergency Brake System Manually Controls the Dynamic Valve” , "SL new air brake valve", "SL (CG) hydraulic parking brake cylinder", "SLD diaphragm spring brake chamber", "automobile engineering machinery pressure regulation system pressure limiting valve" and other 10 leading Products have been identified as high-tech products in Anhui Province.

    In line with the needs of the company's innovation and development, the company has continuously improved its intellectual property management system and protected its own intellectual property rights. In 2015, the company's invention results won the "3rd Anhui Province Patent Excellence Award". In December 2017, the company was identified as a national IP model enterprise by the State Intellectual Property Office. In order to strengthen the integration of informationization and industrialization, build intelligent factories, change traditional industrial models, and innovate new capabilities of enterprises. In 2017, the company implemented the work of the two-in-one integration management system and passed the “two-in-one integration management system” to further promote the in-depth integration of informationization and R&D, manufacturing, sales and management, effectively supporting the company. Optimal configuration and flat management of resources. The company actively consolidates the basic management work, further improves the management system, strengthens the target responsibility assessment, adheres to the "people-oriented", optimizes human resources, advocates the spirit of craftsmen, strengthens the organization of training, enhances the quality of employees, and grasps the construction of the salary system to stimulate the polarity of all parties. Further strengthen the skills training and corporate culture of the workforce, improve the soft power of enterprise competition, and enhance the competitiveness and development of the company.


    In the future, we will take the automotive electronic control system products as the development direction, and inject new energy technologies such as new energy vehicles, electronic electronic control, and lightweight chassis. Focus on promoting the transformation of the results of full hydraulic brake components of engineering vehicles and speeding up the research and development of "electronically controlled brake components for automobiles and engineering vehicles", "development of electronic control products for brake systems", and the layout of brake control systems for new energy vehicles. Product development. Strive to become a domestic first-class supplier in the field of brakes for commercial vehicles and engineering machinery. Do a good job in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to achieve sustainable, steady, harmonious and healthy development.